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Neko Kawaigari 25% traduzido

o jogo neko kawaigari esta sendo traduzido pelo tengu translators e eles ja lançaram o Pack de 25% do jogo traduzido. eu ja joguei neko kawaigari o jogo é divertido e não precisa estar com o computador em non unicode para funcionar.

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Feeling Guilty

I generally believe that if I have fun working on a game, it’s going to be fun to play. And as anyone who follows my twitter knows, I’ve enjoyed the hell out of editing the subject of this post. We’ve mentioned this game a couple times before in passing, but I thought it was about time to give you all a proper introduction to Zaishuu (aka Guilty) ~The Sin~.A 2003 release from Tactics (part of the Nexton family), Guilty’s the game for everybody who says that we only release cutesy school-based moe games. Instead, what we have here is a dark, supernatural horror title with some of the most graphic CG’s we’ve ever had in one of our games. The main character’s a sarcastic delinquent, and nothing is sacred in this tale of sin and redemption.

The story (in short) is this: There’s a bunch of demons invading your town, and they all want your sister – and not just sexually. You’re her protector, but of course, that doesn’t mean much when her best friend puts a proverbial gun to your head and orders you two to do the deed or die. As the impact of this action settles in, further demons attack, alliances are made, friendships betrayed, and it’s up to you to save humanity.

Despite boasting no less than 22 sex sequences with CG’s (approximately 20% of the total number of scenes), Guilty is by no means just a sex romp. In addition to the story, prime fare for 2AM timeslot anime, Guilty also boasts some of the best characters on offer between the games I’ve worked for in the MG catalogue so far. Every character has a personality, a human side, and doesn’t just register as the Tsundere, the moeblob, etc. Even your uncle is awesome, and let’s not get started on the hot teacher.

There’s plenty more to rave about, but we’ll go into some of that in future posts, including how we decided on a couple of key English terms like the title. For now, all you need to know is this: If you like anime like Wicked City, High School of the Dead, or Berserk, and if you like your sexytime on the rougher side, you’re gonna LOVE Guilty ~The Sin~.


Resumindo Guilty ~The Sin~ está confirmado pela Mangagamer,mas kd o que queremos como VNs da Key e da Type-Moon??????Se bem que a Mangagamer nunca entra em nd pra perder ao contrário de uma certa JAST que nem sabe qd vai lançar Demonbane u.u

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Rewrite Trial Edition

Depois de ter lançado o jogo Kud Wafter e o anime Angel Beats a key finalmente voltou a ativa e ja lançou o Trial Edition de Rewrite que é um projeto que esta parado a anos.

Eu fiquei impressionado com o traço e tudo indica que sera all ages a visual novel e tera mini games como no Little Busters teve e logicamente vai ser varias horas de jogo.

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