Patch de Dote up a cat REMOVIDO para download

Isso foi postado dia 20 de agosto no site da Tengu Translations. Eles finalmente receberam a resposta do Visual Arts. Aqui esta:

“Mr Aeka

My answer is delayed and it is sorry.
The reason is that we were taking the summer closing.

Well, the content of the mail that you had sent was understood.
However, because we do not understand the patch of Britain, it is not possible to answer.

At least, I am requesting discontinuance of the translation of no permission that you are doing.
If you hope for the exercise of a formal translation right, consideration of millions of yen = tens of thousands of dollars might be needed.
However, we do not grant permission to a personal translation.

We wish to express our gratitude to coming to the favor of our game.
we think the rule to want you to defend in it and the same.

Please it is hoped that you do the sincere correspondence.

Visual arts co.Ltd.
Judicial Affairs Division
Tomotaka Ichinomiya

VA the first building
2-12-16 Honjonishi,Kitaku
saka Prefecture Osaka City
TEL:81-6-6377-3388 FAX:81-6-6377-3399

E Com a ultima menssagem da Tengu:

"The Patch is now removed from the Downloads Section."

a tambem comentarios na postagem na noticia, no qual falam que estão tentando achar uma empresa disposta a licenciar o jogo. Logo, no momento o projeto esta parado.

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  1. Yagami says:

    Jah falei,corre na boca do povo que esse caso ñ foi xenofobia e sim que a Mangagamer tenha licenciado a VN no ocidente(e espero que seja msm isso) u.u

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