Suzukaze no Melt -Where wishes are drawn to each other-


Whirlpool’s 5th title is about the bonds between humans and spirits. Akihito lives in Mishiro-machi, a town which is said to be protected by a local god and spirits, but not many people nowadays believe this. Every 10 years, there is a large festival at the local shrine. Akihito serves as the priest during the festival due to his lineage, while his childhood friend Nazuna is chosen as the miko. There are rumours of a strange being around town and he doesn’t believe them until he saw the spirit himself. It seems that the spirit was lost and they help it return deep into a forest where normal people cannot enter. There he meets the beautiful god of the land Suzu. He decides to protect all the spirits in the town and return them to the forest.

Idade: 18
Idioma: Japonês
Plataforma: PC

Mundo Fictício

Onde Baixar: HongFire

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