Toppara ~Zashikiwarashi no Hanashi~


"Good morning!" What wakes me is not my mother, not my sister, not my old friend, not an angel.... It's a shadow girl. A shadow girl? It seems she is kind of a monster who appears at a bachelor's house and takes care of him. Well, I don't need it.... Yes, I'm fed up with monsters. It wouldn't have happened if I hadn't had this ability. However, the story doesn't end.... A plague monster also appears in front of me. I just wanna live peacefully, but it seems I'm destined to live with them.... (sigh)

Idade: 18
Idioma: Japonês

Protagonista Imortal
Personagem Não Humano
Criaturas Fantásticas
Reincarnação(OMG espiritismo)
Um único final verdadeiro.


vocês sabem esta no twitter.

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  1. Anônimo says:

    i cant really read your language, and i dont have twitter, do you have a link to download?is it in english? is my email, please answer, ive been searching for this for a long time.

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