Kana ~Imouto~


You have a sister by the name of Kana, who is 2 years younger than you are. You are an important figure to her; you have always watched over her. You have always taken care of her and loved her.
Kana is also an important figure to you.
It's not love or like, but it's something special.
You care about her a lot and you feel that you have to protect her.
You wish for her eternal happiness, but you just don't know how you feel about Kana.
Yet. . .

Idade: 18
Idioma: Japonês
Plataforma: PC

Eroge leve

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2 Responses to Kana ~Imouto~

  1. Yagami says:

    Pena que a G-Collections nunca lançará essa versão no ocidente u.u

  2. Yagami says:

    E esse eh o Kana ~Okaeri~,o ~Imouto~ eh o Little Sister que a G-Collections lançou no ocidente ._.

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