Kotarou is now living at his aunt's house because his parents have gone abroad on business. He just lives a peaceful life with his old friends and classmates. But one day, he is attacked by a group of two girls on his way to school. He is saved by a girl called Yuno. According to her, she is an android his grandfather invented. Kotarou is surprised to hear that and runs away from her. He tries to forget it, but Yuno transfers to his class on the next day. "I'll work for Kotarou. I'll watch him anytime, anywhere. I swear I'll be his sword and shield...." Like this, his life changes completely.... But he might have been wanting it..., this sort of adventure life....

Idade: 18
Idioma: Japonês
Plataforma: PC

Ficção Cientifica
Armas de fogo
Muitos Finais

Links: HF

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