Concerto Note


Shinya is stuck.... He is forced to leave school when he comes back to school after long hospitalization. But one day, he meets his old friend, Rito, and she tells him about a new school and an western-style old house. Like this, he comes back to his hometown and meets Wakana, Shirayuki, Seika, and Sayori there. Kind people and new house.... One night, a strange girl appears in front of him and says, "You'll die in ten days...." Her name is Tama and she kindly gives him power to prevent it. However, this means he borrows luck from her in advance. From that day, various mishaps happen to Shinya and his friends. To stop it, they will need to get rid of other people's misfortunes....

Idade: 18
Idioma: Japonês
Plataforma: PC


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