[PS2]Skip Beat!


Based on the manga of the same name.

Kyoko was in love with Shotaro, her old friend. Shotaro left his hometown to be a TV star after graduating junior high school. Kyoko followed him and worked really hard to take care of him. A while later, Shotaro successfully made his debut as a singer. Kyoko thought she would carry on supporting him, but Shotaro actually thought her as a housemaid.... Kyoko decided to take revenge on Shotaro and had an audition to join the LME Production. She unfortunately failed, but she couldn't give up. After twists and turns, she joined the team Love Me. As she worked as a member of the team, she gradually got interested in performing. One day, Kyoko received a job offer to play a role in a popular drama called "Dark Moon". When her shooting went well, she also received three more job offers at the same time. However, she could choose only one out of three!?

Idade: 12
Idioma: Japonês

Otome Game
Protagonista feminina

Link: HF

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