Knight Carnival!


After the death of the strong king Uther, the land of Avalonia was in disarray. The witch Morgan’s desires to conquer the whole country made reunification of the land seem impossible. However, there was a legend that whoever can pull out the legendary sword from the stone is the rightful king. This girl was Arthur, the child of Uther, also called the “destined king”. When she pulled out the sword, instead of a sword in her hand, a man stood before her. His name was Caledfwlch, the God of War, and he was sealed within the sword due to too much debauchery. Now that he is free, he lends his overwhelming powers to her cause, but in return he requires ‘energy’.

Idade: 18
Idioma: Japonês
Plataforma: PC


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  1. Anônimo says:

    o joga daum erro e fecha como eu conserto?

  2. jonhmaster says:

    Primeiro de tudo deixe o seu computador e non-unicode em japonês.

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