Time Leap


There is a Shinto shrine in a rural town where the keeper of the Shrine known to us only as "Ji-chan" lives together with his granddaughter and the orphans he took under his care.

Oldest of them Haruka-nee became a teacher in the school Yuu-chan, Seiji the protagonist and Ayumu-nee the granddaughter goes to. There are also two kids Fuuta and Sakura living with them.

Their lives are peaceful except the times they have to fend of Hisamitsu the rich idiot kid of town, who everyday comes to ask Ayumu to be his maid. Only to get beaten to a pulp and carried off by his poor maid Komomo who has to apologise for him again and again...

All is well... Until they meet with a younger version of Ayumu traveled through the time from the past...

Idade: 18
Idioma: Japonês
Plataforma: PC

Animação em 3D

Links: HF(torrent) HF(direct link)


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