Eiyuu x Maou + 3 Ero-RPG


You are Felser, lord of the demons. For a long time, your race lived in peace with the humans. One day, your seneschal Galef announced you the dire news: Humans have started to attack your lands!

While fighting them, you learned that the humans decided to eradicate your race just because they saw it as a threat. Amused by that, you decided that if that is how they see you, you should as well just go back to your old ways and conquer them all!

Idade: 18
Idioma: Japonês
Plataforma: PC


Links: HF Torrent

Game Opening

Aviso o link do hongfire te leva para um post com mais 3 Eroge RPG, na postagem tem imagens do jogo nas cenas de sexo. o link Torrent é o torrent direto para este jogo sem precisar acessar a pagina do hongfire.

Eu escolhi esse jogo por que achei mais interessante dos 4 jogos ali mencionados.

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