Love Drops ~Miracle Doukyo Monogatari~


You always used to love listening to your grandmothers fairytales, and despite her recent death, her old european style mansion still remains a place of fond memories. So when the opportunity arises to actually live there on your own you jump at the chance...Only it turns out Grandmother's stories wern't quite as fictional as you thought, as you accidentally unleash three demons from their fifty year prison. And thus begins the "Miracle Cohabitation Story" as the three demons (a siren, a vampire and a werewolf), your three schoolmates (a genki underclassman, an aloof senior and your childhood friend) and a semi-secret character all vie for your affections.

Idade: 18
Idioma: Japonês

Otome Game
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Protagonista Feminino
Muitos finais

Link: HF

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  1. Anônimo says:

    Waaaah ~ não posso acessar o tópico no HongFire >o<''

    Enfim, existe legendas em inglês? Há algum grupo/projeto trabalhando no jogo? Ou é só em japa mesmo? T^T

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